Fromagerie du Patron

Our cheeseshop was founded in 1966 by the father of the owner. Just like his father, Michel want every customer to leave the shop with a smile. Togehter with his amazing team, every day of the week.

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Our cheeseshop is founded more than 50 years ago, and well known in the Oegstgeest region. Started in 1966, the father of the owner made sure that his shop was full with the most excellent products for all the cheese lovers.


In 2004, Michel van der Burg took over the shop. Together with his team, they will do anything to make sure you leave the shop with a smile.

Even the next generation is already there. Rick, the son of Michel, works in the shop every week to present and sell their goods just the way as his grandfather did.

The assorment is still growing, because the team always wants to surprise you.

Because of their neverending effort, the shop won several first prizes eg. best luxurious foreign cheese specialist, best specialist in meat products and even third best shop in all of the Netherlands.